Off-Campus Dual Enrollment:

Off-Campus Dual Enrollment Students: Textbooks can be picked up from the South Santa Rosa Center of Pensacola State College, please call 850.471.4630 ahead of time so they can prepare your books. When they inform you of when the books will be ready to be picked up, please be reminded that you yourself are the only person allowed in the library to pick up your textbooks. If a parent accompanies you to campus, they must wait in the car; PSC is only allowing faculty and students in the building at this time. Thank you!

Dual Enrollment Students Please Read The Following:

If you would like access to school computers at NHS whenever you are on our campus for a brick-and-mortar class, you will have to complete an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and have it signed by your parents. You may obtain a copy of the AUP on the district website at *NEED LINK*. Please turn it in to our Librarian, Mrs. Mitchell, so she can set up your account for you.

For information and clarification regarding Dual Enrollment, please send an email to your child’s Guidance Counselor.
To obtain a permission form for the PERT test, please send an email to your child’s Guidance Counselor. To schedule the PERT test at PSC, please call 850-484-1656.
*Please be advised that if any student withdraws from any college class, he/she will need to sit out from dual enrollment the following semester.